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Get to know thyself

People often come to therapy when their suffering is intolerable. When they reach a point where things cannot continue as they are and some change has to be made. Or they come when an area of life needs exploration. My role as a therapist is to walk alongside you as you explore what is happening to you in your life, and where you would like it to go. I invite curiosity, compassion and an openness to your experience. 

I look at mental health and life issues in the context that they exist in. This means that I look at lot a lifestyle, connections and supports, conditions and past experiences that all contribute to the difficulties you are experiencing. Often times the health system looks at issues in isolation and it can be really helpful to look at the whole picture of your life. You may not be able to do anything about the genetic hand you were dealt, but you can about the things you do to look after yourself. 

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the CRPO. I have worked in mental health since 2003. Some of my roles have been as an Addiction Counselor with The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, as a Program Director for a private addiction treatment center and as a facilitator for a domestic violence program. I have had the privilege of being witness to the transformation of thousands of lives. My hope is to carry the collective wisdom of my clients forward to help you.    

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